How to Choose a Hotel in Los Angeles

As we all know Los Angeles is a top tourist destination. This attributed to its great weather, great shopping and various tourist attractions. There is not a person who lives on this planet who is not familiar with Hollywood. Where you choose to stay is predicated on many things, what you want to spend, what you want to do while in Los Angeles, what area you want to stay in and how much time you will spend at your hotel. If you decide to rent a car should also weigh heavy in your decision of where to stay in Los Angeles. In this article I will familiarize you with some of the different hotels and locations you can choose for your stay in Los Angeles.

First, as with most things in life what you want to spend will weigh heavy on your decision where to stay. Like so many other major cities Los Angeles has many luxury hotels. They can be found in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and downtown. Most people are familiar with the Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, Beverly Wilshire Shutters and many more of these very elegant well appointed hotels. At these hotels you can expect to be treated like royalty, but you will have to pay for these services. LA has many mid-range hotels where you can expect to get a very nice room and good service at moderate prices. Hotels such as Marriott’s, Sheraton’s and other chains can be found. There are also numerous small motels all over the city, many with a 50′s look that offer a decent room at a decent price. But make sure you do your homework first because you could also book one that is a dive.

Second, you must decide what you want to do while you are in LA. If you are going to spend your time at the beach, you may want to stay at a hotel near the ocean. If you are to LA to see attractions you may want to choose a hotel near the attractions you plan on visiting. Keep in mind many of the biggest attractions are not right in the city so you may think about staying in different locations for different attractions. Disneyland is in Anaheim, Knott’s Berry Farm is in Buena Park and Universal City is in the San Fernando Valley. Los Angeles differs from many cities because in is so spread out. Also keep in mind downtown LA is more or less predominantly a business area with some sports attractions such as Staples Center.

Third, whether you are planning on renting or a car or not is a big factor where you want to stay. As I have alreadt stated LA is a very spread out city and with a not so great public transportation system. It is getting better but not quite there yet. If you are not going to rent a car may I suggest you stay on the west side or in Beverly Hills where people do walk around. Many hotels do offer shuttle service to the various attractions.

Fourth, if you love to shop LA is the place for you. You can buy almost anything in Los Angeles. The stores range from the high priced boutiques on Rodeo in Beverly Hills, to exciting trendy malls all over the city, to hip fashion districts like Melrose and Montana, with new ones emerging daily. There are great farmers markets selling everything from food to clothes to home accessories. You can go to Venice and think you are back to 1967 and shopping during the summer of love. Last but not least there is the Los Angeles Fashion District where many folks like to scour for great deals on cheap fashionable clothes. While you are in the fashion district you may want to walk over to Santee Alley where you can purchase almost anything from all over the world both real and copies. So my suggestion to you is if you love to shop bring some extra money for shopping and maybe an extra suitcase.

Fifth, if you like to eat and especially if you want to try many new ethnic restaurants Los Angeles is the town for you. Everyone knows Los Angeles for Mexican and Chinese food, but we also have many Thai. Korean. Japanese, Vietnamese, Armenian, Persian, French, Italian, Ethiopian and many more. Los Angeles is a city of very diverse cultures. Along with all of the ethnic restaurants Los Angeles has become famous for trendy restaurants started by the hippest chefs. So do your homework. Along with all of the above mentioned restaurants Los Angeles also has it share of fast food and chain restaurants. You will never go hungry in Los Angeles

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